Numbuh 1
Monty/Young!Nigel Fluff Abound

Nigel tiptoed silently toward the Study, his heartbeat racing fast as he glanced quickly over his shoulder from time to time to assure himself that no one was following. Quietly, he stood on the tips of his toes to reach the doorknob, turning the knob slowly. The door gave off a loud creak, and Nigel flinched. If he wanted to get inside, he had to somehow make the door open a bit quieter. The child swallowed hard. This was going to be harder than he thought. 

Finally, Nigel gathered the courage to give it another go. This time, he cracked the door open at a much slower pace, smiling inwardly at his success as he widened the opening enough to slip through with ease and entered the abandoned room. His stomach churned with anxiety. He knew he had to make it fast, lest his Dad discovered him snooping about… or worse: his Mom. He shivered visibly, aware of how much intensity her infamous temper aided her in her disciplining endeavors. 

Nigel took a step farther into the Study, the muffled thumping of his shoes and the pounding of his heart being the only sounds that accompanied him throughout his lone search. It didn’t take the child long to find exactly what he was searching for, and he craned his neck back and stepped backwards a little to get a better view of the the towering bookshelf’s high summit. He could just make out the tiniest glint of something shiny reflecting back down from atop the bookshelf. 

There it is! Nigel gaped in wonderment. 

Casting one last look over his shoulder, the young boy breathed a sigh and set his sights on the obstacle before him. “Wow… How am I going to get up there?” He breathed. 

A light-bulb turned on in the Brit’s head. Of course! He wasted no time in getting along with his plans, stepping up to the bookshelf and placing a hand upon one of the lowest shelves he could reach. He hoisted himself off the ground and reached for the next shelf hovering an arm’s length away, repeating the process a few times before at last he had reached his desired destination and stared. 

A pair of jet black sunglasses sat at the very back of the bookshelf’s top, shining brilliantly in the ceiling fan’s dull light. From the looks of it, the dark shades had been set back there a long time ago, left to collect dust among its lonely perch. 

Nigel gaped and cautiously extended a hand forward, his little fingers wrapping around them until he had a firm hold. He sighed again and looked downward, staring down with wide eyes as he realized just how far he had climbed up to retrieve the dusty object. 

As carefully as he possibly could, Nigel set one foot down on the shelf below after the next as he made his dangerous decent. Suddenly, his foot dislodged a glass swan from one of the shelves, and it crashed to the floor with a earsplitting shatter. His eyes grew wide as saucers and his heart nearly exploded from his chest. In a heat of panic, he tried to go down faster without hesitation and winced at each thump and shatter that echoed through the room. 

Mom’s going to kill me!